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Year End Letter

Year End Letter

December 31, 2019

Three years ago, we had a dream of building a best in class investment management and wealth advisory firm.  Every decision leading up to Jackson Square Capital’s March launch and every decision since has been made with only our clients’ best interests in mind.

We wanted the most sophisticated and detailed financial planning platform for our clients, the best performance software and the most robust trading capabilities.  We upgraded every facet of the client experience and partnered with BNY Mellon, the largest custody bank in the world for security of client assets.

We wanted the structure of Jackson Square Capital to match the conscientiousness of our team and mirror the exceptional character of our clients.  On the eve of a New Year, I’m extremely proud of the team’s dedication to the mission and deeply grateful for our clients’ faith in our ability to deliver. Here’s to a new year, a new decade and our shared interest in an even brighter future.

– Andrew

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