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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. As an SEC Registered Investment Advisor we’re held to the Fiduciary Standard, which means we are required by law to act in our client’s best interest. In fact, only independent RIAs (those not affiliated with or restricted by a broker dealer) can be considered true fiduciaries. We take this responsibility very seriously, and have aligned our incentives with your best interests –such as the growth and protection of your assets.

Jackson Square Capital has partnered with BNY Mellon to custody client assets. Aside from its rich history, BNY Mellon is the largest bank in the world with total assets in excess of $37T.

Absolutely not. All client accounts are separately managed in accordance with your needs, goals and unique entry point. Many investment managers abide by the first two criteria, but completely ignore the timing aspect of the entry point. This not only pertains to the time to become fully invested, but more importantly to the positions selected. Most equity managers buy positions based on fundamentals alone, choosing to disregard the entry price and the client’s unique cost basis when making sell decisions. We do not.

Never. Your investments are held in your own account name at BNY Mellon unless you prefer them held at another custodian.

Everything we do is tax-aware. We never ‘hit a button’ to sell positions and then re-invest, which would inevitably create tax liability. Instead, we carefully decide what to sell and when to sell it to create the most tax advantageous transition for you. Ahead of time, we’ll provide you with a detailed plan of how the transition will look and we time all our moves with the goal of creating the best outcome for you.

Our stated minimum relationship size is $5 million. We do make exceptions, most often when someone is awaiting liquidity.