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A Pharma Pick With Catalysts

June 24, 2020

Tech names clearly benefit from COVID-19 disruption, specifically in a more rapid adoption of cloud computing.  But in this segment we focus on Eli Lilly (LLY), our cleanest growth story in Pharma with a strong product pipeline and catalysts ahead.

discussion of bond-like equities on TD Ameritrade

In Stock Market Versus Sentiment, It’s All About Money Supply

June 8, 2020

The recent rally in equity markets has occurred despite weak overall economic activity and still bearish investor sentiment.  The key factor is the rapid growth in money supply, which has created an unprecedented global liquidity boom to support markets in the face of extraordinary hurdles. US News 6/8/20

Fed has structurally altered liquidity environment for the forseeable future

May 21, 2020

Low bond yields drive equity market and our move to ‘sustainable dividend yield’ names. We expect short term consolidation followed by higher levels in the SPX H1 2021 and economic recovery to 2019 levels by late 2021.

discussion of bond-like equities on TD Ameritrade

Build Holdings in Defensive and Cyclical Industries

May 18, 2020

Find out which stocks are great options that can help you with steady dividends

Bloomberg Daybreak Australia: Oil Gains on OPEC Cuts

May 15, 2020

Speaking with Haidi Stroud-Watts on Bloomberg Daybreak Australia, Andrew discusses the outlook for oil prices and the potential for attractive investments in US Energy.

discussion of oil prices and US Energy on Bloomberg Daybreak

Investors prepare for more U.S. stock swings as states reopen

May 15, 2020

Investors are bracing for more turbulence in U.S. stocks, as some states prepare to reopen their economies and global trade tensions rise. Andrew mentions JSC’s focus on stocks he believes can maintain high dividend yields, especially within the pharmaceutical industry.

turbulence in U.S. stocks expected as some states prepare to reopen their economies

Andrew Graham’s Guidelines for Cyclical & Sector Rotation

April 28, 2020

Lower for longer bond yields make bond-like equities an eventual substitute for frustrated income investors.  Companies with sustainable dividend yields fit the bill. Andrew mentions a few names in particular while speaking on TD Ameritrade Network.

discussion of bond-like equities on TD Ameritrade

How Stop-Loss Limits Help Active Investors

April 10, 2020

A strategy involving a loss limit rule may position you to maximize gains, limit more severe drawdowns during a bear market and drive tax-efficient investment returns.

Andrew Graham Talks Outlook For Economic Recovery

April 06, 2020

Speaking with Nicole Petallides on TD Ameritrade Network, Andrew discusses the three curves we expect to see during the next economic recovery and outlines our best-positioned investment themes.

Outlook for economic recovery on TD Ameritrade

Andrew Graham on the Closing Bell

March 25, 2020

Speaking on Fox Business News, Andrew shares some of JSC’s favorite software names and thoughts on Congress’ stimulus relief bill.

software names and stimulus discussion on Fox Business News

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