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Investment Management

A smart way to invest.

Custom portfolio construction

Everything we do starts with you. Your custom investment strategy starts with a consultation, where we get to know who you are, how you think about your money, and what ambitions or fears you have about your wealth. We then work together to build a plan that pairs our experience and investment philosophy with your unique situation.

Your investments are just one piece of your overall wealth strategy. Whether you’d like help addressing the risks associated with a closely-held business, managing your debt, or navigating the transition of wealth between generations — we are here to make your financial life easier.

From an investments standpoint, plans are typically built by balancing three investment themes:

Capital Appreciation

Investors focused on long term capital appreciation gravitate toward our flagship growth portfolios. These multi-asset portfolios are carefully tailored to each individual with the aim of outperforming the assigned benchmark, while delivering a net zero tax bill.

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Income Generation

For those looking for reliable cash flow, we build portfolios that provide investment income without sacrificing the potential for growth of principal. These portfolios typically feature holdings with less price volatility than those held in our growth portfolios, and can leverage tax advantages like qualified dividends to deliver strong after-tax returns.

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Principal Protection

In volatile markets, many investors crave safety above all else. Our fixed income portfolios invest in high quality, highly liquid investments. The goal of these portfolios is to protect wealth through asset allocation and careful security selection. This strategy works in conjunction with our other strategies to create a balanced, highly tactical approach.

Portfolio Optimization

A sound investment philosophy considers returns as well as factors that may degrade or deteriorate returns. Over a span of thirty years, we’ve developed a strategic framework that addresses both sides of the equation in a straightforward way. 

Daily discipline you can count on

Once you are set up with Jackson Square Capital, there is no ‘set it and forget it’ moment.  With your custom portfolio in place, we act every day to continue to manage your wealth according to your unique goals and needs.  As you start to accumulate gains, we may discuss hedging strategies with you. As your portfolio grows and your life changes, we are there every step of the way to align our strategies with your desired outcomes.

As a client, you will have access to our investor portals and ongoing and unlimited access to our daily market digest the Inside Markets. In addition, we meet with clients or provide comprehensive updates via email at least once per quarter– so you never have to wonder what’s going on with your wealth. 

Let’s get started.

It all starts with a conversation. We can review your existing portfolio, make suggestions for what we’d sell or hold based on cost basis and fundamentals of the names, and then provide you an estimate of what a portfolio with us would look like, complete with guidance for implementation and potential tax consequences.

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