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Morning Notes — Technical Support

Technical Support

April 25, 2022

Technical support for the S&P 500 (SPX) remains in the ~4150 range after holding that level twice during the early- March lows.  That level also lines up with the technical floor from last summer.  We expected a pullback into the 4,150-4,300 range after the unsustainable attempt to break above ~4,600 in late March. Nearly every current headline reads bearish.  Unfortunately, headlines almost always follow price action, and despite obvious shortcomings, broken technical levels provide a more disciplined approach at extremes.  

NDX: The NASDAQ 100 (NDX) is nearing similar technical support levels, but outperforming this morning as 10-year real yields move lower.  Ten-year real yields touched 0% last Monday before trending back into negative territory to -0.12 today.  Real yields (nominal yields – inflations expectations) and growth stock multiples have a strong negative correlation.  Of the major US indices, the NDX is the most oversold and has the most to gain from a short-term fade in real yields.  

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