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Read, Listen, Scroll along with the JSC team

To write Morning Notes and be effective investment managers, we consume as much content as possible throughout the day. We subscribe to all the major news outlets, listen and read sell-side research, and use several sources of market analytics. We also polled the team to

Why holding cash is not an effective hedging strategy

The corporate executives we advise often hold a significant portion of their wealth in their own company stock. The accumulation of company stock can happen naturally due to the nature of executive compensation structure, as well as restrictions or other concerns around selling stock that

Morning Notes — Global Growth Cycle

The early-September positive divergence from cyclically-sensitive semiconductors was our first clue on a future recovery in global growth. Positive divergences in cyclically sensitive sectors and indices (NKY, DAX and MSCI World Auto Index) soon followed, which added to our conviction for a recovery in global

Morning Notes — CQ4 Earning Season

Remarks from the Fed’s Kaplan and Rosengren yesterday match expectations for the central bank to keep policy rates on hold for the foreseeable future. Every Fed speaker since last week’s FOMC has sounded the same despite their own reputation for being either dovish or hawkish.

Morning Notes — Further Rotation

The catalyst calendar into year-end has already started thinning out. Based on scheduled events, there doesn’t seem to be anything significant enough to challenge the current narrative and change the upward trajectory of equities.

Morning Notes — Catalyst Vacuum

The outperformance of cyclical indices beginning in early September was the first indication of a potential improvement in global PMI data 3-6 months forward. The first cyclical index to diverge was the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX), an index that also happens to be highly trade-sensitive.